Nude Food Day

Listening to the call of Pope Francis’ Laudato Si in our care for our common home, the Earth and its poor, we celebrated Nude Food Day during Laudato Si Week,

On 24 May, the Eco-Justice Club, led by Jessica Boek and Megan Reedy, ran the college’s annual Nude Food Day, a day when we encourage all students and staff to reduce the amount of packaging and plastic in our snacks and lunch items.

Nude Food means food that has not been overly processed or packages, being better for the environment and for our health; thus affirming our commitment as a Mercy School.

Congratulations to 8MWA, who won the Pastoral Nude Food Competition for the most impressive selection of nude lunches. May you continue to embrace package-free lunches long into the future as together we care for our Earth and our poor.

Exodus Dinners

OLMC has been blessed to walk with the Exodus Community for many years. Unfortunately, COVID has interrupted our regular sharing of life.

Last week, we were able to once again prepare and serve an evening meal for twenty friends and then sit and enjoy this meal together, listening and sharing life.

We look forward to our next dinner.

Lauren Marquet and Elise Cooper
Social Justice Coordinators