Upcoming Tertiary/Career Events and Open Day Guide

Parents can access information regarding upcoming events including workshops, information sessions, tours and webinars via PAM with weekly updates occurring each Monday as new opportunities are made available. These are made available to students via SIMON and email communication. With most Open Day dates locked in, the Open Day Guide is also available on PAM (and on SIMON to students). It not only lists dates to diarise through the Open Day Season from late July to early September, but also practical advice on how to make the most of an Open Day experience to ensure students get the information they need to make the comparative judgements and decisions on their preferred future options.

It is highly recommended that students register via the Open Day links provided to ensure they get early access to programs and outlines regarding the events and experiences running on the day to ensure effective and efficient use of their time.

OLMC Tertiary Expo Wednesday 21 June 2023

We are pleased to again welcome institution representatives from across Victoria to our OLMC Tertiary Expo next Wednesday 21June.

All Year 10 students will visit the expo as part of their Subject Selection Program to take advantage of the opportunity to talk to representatives about course options, prerequisites and pathway choices.

Students across all year levels, although particularly Year 11 and 12 students, are invited to attend the expo during lunchtime on this day.

Early Entry Programs 2024

Early Entry Programs have either opened or will open shortly for those offering conditional early offers into courses at their institution.

An information session outlining these programs was delivered to Year 12 students last Term with details available here.

Applications are made directly to the institution with different experiences/contributions being the focus of each program.

A Drop-In Session with representatives from students participating in Early Entry Schemes will be available to Year 12 students on Friday 28 July 2023 between 9.00am - 10.40am with further details to come.

Q&A Industry Panels

Our Q&A Breakfast Panels continue to be well attended and highly valued events for our students across all year levels.

We have been privileged to welcome back wonderful alumni and friends of the OLMC community who have generously shared their time and wisdom with students, often providing reassurance and useful tips on how to become self-aware and make informed decisions about the future.

Details regarding upcoming Q&A Panels are published weekly on SIMON and PAM.

Some of our students have reflected on their experiences as an audience participant:

‘Attending the Science Industry Panel was an eye-opening experience that consolidated ideas I already had about my future studies, but also gave me lots of insight into various pathways I hadn't thought about. Hearing from people who have the same interests, but have had the experience from tertiary studies and the workforce, has given me useful knowledge that I would not have been able to find anywhere else.’
Kate M. (12LRJO)

‘Personally, I have found attending the Industry Q&A Panels extremely informative and helpful. It helped me discover career and study options as well as different pathways into industries and jobs that I would not have thought of before. I especially liked that it included a wide range of experiences from women who were once in my position at OLMC.’
Jacinta C. (11LJVA)

‘I found it very interesting to learn about all the different careers involved in business. I found it especially interesting that the entrepreneur found that her law degree was more helpful than her business degree. I believe it is a fantastic idea to attend a Q&A because it gives an insight into different careers in a particular field that you may not have heard of and you can find a new career option to consider.’
Gemma M. (11MMWI)

VTAC Applications – Dates to Diarise

Timely Applications


Monday 31 July 2023 (9.00am)

Timely Applications


Thursday 28 September 2023 (5.00pm)

SEAS and Scholarship Applications


Monday 31 July 2023 (9.00am)

SEAS and Scholarship Applications


Friday 6 October 2023 (5.00pm)

VTAC Payment


Tuesday 5 December 2023 (4.00pm)

ATAR and VCE Results


Monday 11 December 2023 (from 7.00am)

Change of Preference


Wednesday 13 December 2023 (4.00pm)

December Offer Round


Thursday 21 December 2023

January Offer Round 1


Friday 12 January 2024

January Offer Round 2


Tuesday 30 January 2024

February Offer Round 1


Tuesday 6 February 2024

February Offer Round 2


Tuesday 13 February 2024

February Offer Round 3


Tuesday 20 February 2024

Full list and details available on the VTAC Website.

An information session on the application process will be held in early August 2023 to support students through this important part of their transition into higher education.

Details will be made available closer to this date. Information sessions on SEAS, Scholarships, Early Entry Applications and practical drop-in sessions to support the creation of the VTAC account will also be offered to students and to parents. Please keep an eye on SIMON/PAM and emails for further information.

To enrol in their tertiary courses early in 2024, all students will need a TFN, so now is a good time to apply if your daughter does not have one. Tax File Numbers can only be obtained through the Australian Tax Office.

For more information, visit the Australian Tax Office website.

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator