Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

Semester 1 Reports

The semester always finishes quickly, with senior students completing Unit 3, and Years 10 and 11 students undertaking exams.

All year levels have been busy, putting their organisational and time management skills to the test, as they submit tasks and complete assessment. For some students, they will reflect that they managed competing demands successfully, while there may be some students who will realise that different strategies will be needed for greater success in Semester 2.

Thank you for the support you have provided at home for learning. Whether it is encouraging an email be sent to a teacher, or helping a routine become entrenched, such support for learning is appreciated.

Semester 1 Reports are currently being written and compiled, and this will continue next week.

The Semester 1 Reports will be available to access via PAM and SIMON by 4.00pm Monday 26 June 2023. Parents and guardians will receive an email once they are available.


NAPLAN testing for Year 7 and 9 students was undertaken in March.

A meeting of Education Ministers earlier this year agreed to change the reports that parents and guardians receive regarding a student’s NAPLAN results. The 10 bands used for reporting to parents and guardians are to be replaced with four proficiency levels. These four levels are Exceeding, Strong, Developing and Needs Additional Support.

We expect the NAPLAN results to be delivered to the College by the end of July, and these will then be sent to parents and guardians.

We also expect that an explanation of the new proficiency levels will be provided at this time.