Year 8 students have been exploring the many opportunities at OLMC to embark on a leadership journey at school. They have the opportunity to be nominated for elected positions of leadership to represent their cohort as a member of the Student Representative Council, or to be elected as a Class Captain. Both of these roles require students to be nominated, and then present a speech to their peers before voting occurs. It was great to see many students apply for a chance to be elected into one of these roles, and we congratulate the following students who were successful in their applications.

Year 8 SRC Captains
Mietta T. (8SLO) and Dania J. (8DBU)

Year 8 Class Captains
Olivia D C. (8BFA) Pia K. (8DCH), Zara F. (8MDG), Chelsea C.(8MWA), Monique C. (8BHO), Grace H. (8SLO), Charlotte H. (8MFO) and Romi L. (8DBU)

It has long been said, that ‘not all leaders wear a badge’, and this is a message shared consistently with our students. The Year 8 students have been encouraged to look beyond the elected roles within the College to see that there are many other opportunities for leadership. Those students who attended the recent ‘Time and Space’ night with their male mentors will have observed students in Years 9 through to 12 facilitating sessions, and they too have been informed that this is something they can get involved in next year.

Students have also been asked to think and recognise where there may be chances for them to display leadership qualities within the classroom and amongst the cocurricular programs at the College. Participation in the wide array of cocurricular activities also provides students with the opportunity to develop their leadership skills.

Stepping up to this challenge has been something the Year 8 Cohort of 2023 have taken in their stride. New to the Social Justice Program for 2023, is the ‘Bread Run’. The Bread Run supports people in need within the West Heidelberg area and is conducted by the Exodus Community. OLMC participates in this program monthly on Wednesdays. Students from Years 8, 11 and 12 are supervised by an OLMC Teacher and are grouped in pairs to deliver the bread to appreciative families. Upon hearing of this initiative, and then being advised when sign ups were open, more than 20 students had applied to join the program within the first couple of days. If your young person is still interested in signing up, please encourage them to speak with our Social Justice Coordinator, Ms Lauren Marquet.

Developing the leadership skills of the Year 8 cohort will continue throughout 2023, within classroom learning and through the Pastoral Program. During Semester 2, students will spend some focussed time working on a range of leadership skills, as they look ahead to the opportunities for student leadership in Year 9. Next year, students will be able to apply for the following roles; SRC, House Vice-Captains, Class Captains and Peer Support Leaders, where they will work alongside the Year 7 students supporting them with their transition to Secondary School. The Year 8 Pastoral Team looks forward to supporting the students as they continue to take up opportunities to develop their leadership skills as we move through the remainder of the year.

Stephanie Boemo
Year 8 Level Coordinator