Judith Weir

Last week we hosted the Time and Space Evening for Year 8 students and a significant male mentor and this week we hosted the same event for Year 7 Students and a significant female mentor in their lives. It was wonderful to welcome parents/caregivers to share in conversations with each other, their young person and other students about what matters to them at the moment. Participants had the opportunity to listen and to share wisdom with each other and to begin to gain an understanding of another perspective on life and growing up.

A wonderful aspect of the evening is also seeing an ever-growing number of Year 9, 10, 11 and 12 students host the small groups leading parents and students through a conversation. It was such a delight to see these students volunteer, many of whom are involved for a second or third time, and lead with confidence and generosity of spirit. They are wonderful ambassadors for OLMC and great role models for our other students.

Next week we will host the Parent/Student/Teacher Interviews online. The feedback from families last year was that the preferred option is the online format. We will continue to gather feedback and review this strategy during the year. Opportunities for staff and parents/caregivers to work together on understanding learning progress and areas of challenge are a significant aspect of the work we do together. It is a chance to affirm and celebrate success and plan strategies for growth. I encourage all families to take up this opportunity.

We are nearing the end of Term 1. As is the case in every term, it has been a busy one with so many different events for students and families. It has also been a term characterised by opportunities for families to engage with staff and each other to support young people.

We have been heartened by the positive feedback we have received and also grateful for feedback that will help us enhance the experience in the future.

Recently the Stations of the Cross were placed around the school as part of our preparations for Easter. It is a visible reminder of the significance of this Lenten season and all that we are anticipating as we await the Resurrection. We wait with faith, courage and hope in our hearts for the fulfilment of the promise of Easter.