House Swimming Carnival
On Friday 10 March the Centenary Lawn was buzzing with excited students putting on their green, red, yellow or blue glitter, ribbons and zinc, ready for a fun day at the Swimming Carnival. The House Captains and even some of the newly appointed Vice-Captains helped the students get into the House spirit and House colours for the day.

Throughout the day, the House areas were full of energy and enthusiasm. The cheering was the best it had been from all Houses. It was wonderful to see so many students participating in a range of activities; jumping in to fill an empty space in the pool; joining their friends in novelty events; jumping onto the volleyball court to earn points for their respective Houses.

The Captains from all four Houses along with the Sport Captains and many others, did a terrific job getting everyone involved. Thanks to all of them for their passion and hard work on the day.

And congratulations to McAuley for taking home the trophy!

Learn a New Skill Sessions
During our Pastoral Lesson on Tuesday 14 March, our senior students had the opportunity to ‘Learn a New Skill’. All students from Years 10 - 12 were offered a range of workshops to choose from and students could decide what new skill they would like to learn.

The workshops ranged from how to change a car tyre, special effects make-up, personal training, how to fit in on the dance floor, barista skills, painting portraits, dumpling making, circus skills and many more!

It was wonderful to see how engaged all the students were in the groups that they had selected. The senior students will get the chance to do it all again on Tuesday 28 March where they have selected a second skill to learn. Congratulations to all the students for getting involved so enthusiastically and learning a new life skill.

Student Reflections:
For the Learn a New Skill session I did Ballroom Dancing. It was a really fun class where we learnt how to Salsa with a partner and we also learnt a dance that is from the Dominican Republic. We were able to dance with a lot of different partners and learnt a very unique and a very fun skill. It made everyone smile and gave many people a lot of fun memories that they can cherish with their peers and friends.
Natasha A. (11CSGP)

For the Learn a New Sklil session I chose to do the aromatherapy playdough and weaving. This was a great chance to hang out with friends and have fun, while also learning a new skill. I chose to make playdough which involved mixing flour, oil, food dye, water and salt into a large bowl. This was a great time to step away from the normal class environment, and relax and have fun with friends.
Matilda B. (11AASE)

For the Learn a New Skill sessions, I attended the presentation ‘Getting a Good Night’s Sleep’. From this, I learnt the technicalities of sleep including the different sleep cycles, how long you should be sleeping, and how to fall asleep quicker.

I enjoyed this presentation because it was clear and concise, while still allowing the audience to contribute and ask questions.
Roisin L. (11MJBA)

Jemma Banfield, Deb Daly, Hayley Gamble Curran, Felicia Taine and Kathryn Williams
Senior House Coordinators