Harry Potter and the Cursed Child is definitely a show that everyone should see once in their life. I haven’t been to many performances, but I don’t think any show could outdo this one. The show incorporated so many elements to make it feel magical; the time warp, a swimming pool effect, fire, smoke, floating objects and Dementors. When the performance had finished, I was almost in tears because of how good it was. The actors were incredible and to think they were able to remember so many lines over the course of three hours! It baffled me.

We felt really lucky to be able to attend the fabulous performance as a part of our coursework. Our final exam was a design task based on the script of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. We had to design for a specified production area (sets, lighting, sound design, costume, make up and props) and present our research and designs for assessment. We looked at the practicalities of how we could bring these designs to life, as well as what impact it would have on an audience. It was a brilliant way to sum up all that we had learned throughout the semester and put it into practice.

Gabriella A (10MMZI)