The Student Leadership Team was busy through Term 2 organising events. It was an exciting term with the Team hosting their first big event of the year - Dare2Donate. It was lovely to see teachers and students involved in the event to raise money for McAuley for Women and Children, and to reach our goals. Laughs and smiles were shared at the successful talent show hosted by the Student Leadership Team.

Looking back on what a wonderful term we have had, it is great to see school involvement and our ideas come to life. Now the OLMC community and Student Leadership Team are getting geared up for Term 3.

House Arts is a key event planned for the middle of Term 3. Students are encouraged to sign up to House Arts and shine bright with talent on the day to earn some house points! We will also be encouraging student involvement and coming together as a community. This is in line with this year’s OLMC theme, ‘And, who is my neighbour?’ which we continue to embrace this year.

The National Day Against Bullying and Violence will be hosted by the Student Leadership Team and SRC, providing students a chance to reach out and be in a safe space of support at OLMC. Following this, we will be planning R U OK? Day. It will run for a week in Term 3 and will surround students with a kind-hearted space and a chance to reflect on those who need support in difficult times.

The most exciting event on the OLMC calendar is also coming in Term 3 - MERCY DAY! Mercy Day is a favourite event at OLMC. A day to celebrate our school, the Mercy tradition, and to show thanks for what an amazing school year it has been so far. The Student Leadership Team will assist with running this event, which will include an exciting showcase of talent from House Arts at the end of the day. It is so wonderful to see student involvement around OLMC, and Mercy Day is the perfect day to recognise our community coming together and to have a joyous time.

Charlotte A
Carmel House Captain