Last week, OLMC staff were delighted to be able to work with the amazing YMCA staff at the beautiful camp at Lake Dewar to offer our Year 8 students a memorable camp experience.

During the course of the week, each student spent three days and two nights in the stunning Winter sunshine enjoying many activities including canoeing, adventure tunnelling, mountain bike riding and the very daunting flying fox.

The Camp and OLMC staff were so impressed by the energy, positivity and behaviour of our Year 8s. Not only were we proud of them, they were so proud of each other, which was evident in their affirmations and care of each other. It was great to be able to provide this opportunity for students to get to know each other better; some new connections were made and have been taken back to school to nourish and build into friendships.

Maureen Fogarty
Year 8 Level Coordinator