Year 10 Reflection Day

On Thursday of last week, four of the Year 10 Religious Education classes took part in a Reflection Day at the Holy Cross Centre in Templestowe, to further explore the ideas they have been looking at as part of the ‘Wonderfully Made’ unit.

Despite a chilly morning, the sun was soon shining, and the students enthusiastically took part in ice-breaker activities, and an opening liturgy to connect the day to the Gospels and the idea that we are all ‘fearfully and wonderfully made’ from Psalm 139:14.

Throughout the day, in small groups facilitated by our Year 10 teachers, we discussed the qualities of good relationships, the ways of building a strong foundation with people and making positive connections, the role that digital technology plays in our interactions with others, and how to identify if a relationship is not healthy.

The day concluded with a closing ritual where students were invited to reflect on God’s love for each of us, and the way in which that love is evident in people around us.

Year 11 Reflection Day

On Tuesday last week, Year 11 students made their way to the Catholic Leadership Centre in East Melbourne to come together for their Reflection Day. Led by Tom, Fr. Luke and Lauren from the Passionist Youth Ministry team, the day was fun and relaxed as students spent time getting to know others in their year level, share their thoughts on questions big and small, listened to each other respectfully, and enjoyed some delicious food together (and many cups of tea or coffee).

The staff involved in both days wish to acknowledge the way in which the students present engaged in the activities of the day so wholeheartedly, and the inclusive atmosphere they created for each other.

Bernadette Hogan
Religious Education Learning Leader