In a busy term, some of the key events that have been shaping the Year 9 experience are:

Subject Selection: A Journey of Discovery

The subject selection process is a significant milestone for our Year 9 students, as it provides them with the opportunity to plan their academic paths and explore their passions. Earlier this term, our students embarked on this journey. Students navigated through a diverse range of subjects, carefully considering their interests, strengths, and future aspirations. The process was a demonstration of the collaborative spirit of our school community, as teachers, parents, and students worked together to make informed decisions.

Real Industry Job Interview Program: A Journey of Growth and Development

Participation in Pastoral activities has been instrumental in helping our students cultivate not only their academic abilities but also their personal skills. This term, Pastoral Teachers have been assisting students in crafting resumes and cover letters for job applications as part of our preparation for participation in the Real Industry Job Interview (RIJI) Program. RIJI is a career development program designed to give secondary students the opportunity to prepare for and experience a practice interview with industry stakeholders. Through the Pastoral activities, students are learning to articulate their achievements, experiences, and aspirations effectively. The practical skills gained from this program are designed to support transition from the school environment to the professional world. The Year 9 students will complete their practice interviews in Term 4.

Leadership Opportunities: A Journey of Empowerment

On Wednesday 16 August, our Year 9 SRC and House Vice Captains participated in a Middle Leaders Networking Event at Catholic Ladies College in Eltham. This invaluable opportunity was designed to enrich their leadership journeys and facilitated a valuable exchange of experiences and ideas with fellow student leaders from various Catholic Colleges in the Northern and Eastern areas of Melbourne. By exchanging anecdotes, strategies, and challenges, they discovered that leadership is a journey full of growth and shared learning.

Reflection from Aprila D (9ACH)

The Middle Leaders Networking Event gave us a great insight into implementing change and improvement within our school community. We interacted with many like-minded people from a range of Catholic schools. Some ideas that our team are looking to explore are: the use of digital diaries, obtaining new and colourful furniture for our breakout spaces to make them more inviting to be in, and even a community day to interact with our neighbouring schools. This event was a great inspiration and provided us with an opportunity to reflect on where our leadership roles can lead and the opportunities and achievements that we can pursue in the future.

Kylie Willis
Year 9 Level Coordinator