Date: Wednesday 6 September
Time: 7.00pm
Venue: Functions Room, Marcellin College
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Parents, guardians and carers are invited to attend this presentation which will address the topic of pornography and its potential impact on young people. Guest speaker Maree Crabbe is the director of ‘It’s Time We Talked’, a program that supports young people, parents, schools, and the community sector to understand and address the influence of pornography.

In recent years, our access to new and emerging technology has increased at a rapid rate. While this has brought many positive opportunities, it has also meant that the consumption of pornography is also much more accessible for young people. By becoming more mainstream, pornography is being used by young people to help them navigate their own intimate relationships and has therefore become an issue we can no longer ignore.

Maree has worked with young people, and on issues affecting young people, since 1993. As well as presenting at conferences, professional development workshops, and parent evenings both here and abroad, Maree is a co-director, co-producer, researcher and writer for the project’s documentaries: Love and Sex in the Age of Pornography and The Porn Factor. Maree is also the author of In the Picture: Supporting young people in an age of explicit imagery, a resource for secondary schools to help address the influence of explicit sexual imagery.

This presentation is a joint initiative of the wellbeing teams from both Marcellin College and Our Lady of Mercy College. It will take place at Marcellin College on Wednesday 6 September at 7.00pm and is a free event. If you would like more information regarding the event, please contact us: meedwards@olmc.vic.edu.au or lgunn@olmc.vic.edu.au.

Megan Edwards and Laurie Gunn
Head of Student Wellbeing and Student Counselling Coordinator