In VCAL, we are currently looking at the issue of “fast fashion” and clothing waste. We have seen how this waste creates massive dumping grounds, which impacts poor communities and the environment in countries such as Ghana. We have been discussing how we might reduce this waste which has led us to our project - OLMC Upcycle.

The VCAL students will be running a market stall where clothes can be donated and resold, meaning we can find new homes for clothes and stop the waste. All students and teachers are encouraged to donate good quality items which will be sold over a series of lunchtimes later in the term. All money raised and clothes that don’t get sold will be donated to St Vincent De Paul, “Vinnies”.

Our project aims to educate OLMC students about the impact of “fast fashion” on our environment and encourage them to think more about their buying habits and consider how their clothes can be reused by others instead of going to waste.
Bridie B. (MFTA) - Year 12 VCAL student

In “Laudato Si”, Pope Francis addresses climate change and the culture of waste. With OLMC Upcycle, VCAL is taking on the challenge. The Year 12 VCAL students are driving the project and with the support of their Year 11 VCAL peers, they are doing a great job! Their first project for 2022, OLMC Upcycle has involved them putting together a formal proposal, working out the logistics of running the market stall including the collection of clothes, pricing, displays etc, as well as speaking at assemblies and general promotion of the project around the school. It is so affirming to see how passionate our VCAL students are about making a positive contribution to the global community through this innovative venture.

Ms Helen Hamblin
VCAL Coordinator