On Monday afternoon, the Student Representative Council (SRC) was announced. Students who nominated for positions, had to undergo a rigorous process. They were required to submit written applications, completed group interviews conducted by the Year 12 Student Leadership team and made speeches in front of their peers. Their year level then had the opportunity to vote for the students they believed would represent them best at the SRC. The Student Leadership Team noted the quality of leadership displayed during group interviews and throughout the whole process. We hope that all students who nominated for positions were able to learn more about their strengths as leaders.

SRC presents an amazing opportunity for students to be the voice of change within OLMC, while also being a leader and role model for their peers. We cannot wait to see the amazing work that these girls achieve this year!

Congratulations to the SRC team of 2022.

Year 7Ineka D. (7AAP)Irene K. (7DBU)
Year 8Olivia C. (8LWH)Giuliana P. (8MWA)
Year 9Hanna H. (9NWA)Stephanie T. (9WJA)
Year 10Monique C. (AASE)Nathasha J. (CRIV)
Year 11Lauren B. (AMJE)Alessia K. (MSHO)
Year 12Lani C. (CBRY)Lilly C. (MFTA)

The Year 9 House Vice Captains were also announced on Monday and participated in the official ‘hand over’ ceremony with the 2021 House Vice Captains at the House Assembly on Tuesday. Similar to the SRC, candidates completed written applications, were interviewed by the Year 12 House Captains and made speeches to the students in their House. The quality of applicants and their dedication and preparation for all aspects of the process highlight the many leaders that we have at Year 9. The House Vice Captains play an active role in developing House Spirit - particularly amongst our Year 7-9 students. Congratulations to the following students who have been appointed to the role of House Vice Captain for 2022.

CarmelElizabeth F. (9JGU)Phoebe T. (9LAN)
LoretoMadeline S. (9SMI)Romaine v. (9NWA)
McAuleyBianca C. (9DCA)Jasmine P. (9DCA)
MercyOlivia C. (9JGU)Lexie H. (9LAN)

Anna De Rosa
Student Leadership Coordinator