As adults, we all know the critical role positive experiences and good mentors can play in our lives. At OLMC, we have seen a growing number of students take on VET studies as part of their secondary school program as they look to develop their skills in industries and areas they are considering pursuing in the future. For each of these students, work placement is either a compulsory component of their course or a highly recommended activity to apply what they are learning in their training in a real work environment.

In our VCAL program specifically, we have a wonderful, small group of students who are looking to source work placements in the Beauty Industry, Sport & Recreation Industry and in Early Childhood Education. We are hoping to find potential employers each Friday in Terms 2 and 3 this year. Students are aware of and will follow all COVID Safe practices in their workplace environment. If you work in any of these industries and would be willing to take on a student once a week (Friday) for 5, 10 or 20 weeks, please email Melinda Williams, Careers Coordinator at mwilliams@olmc.vic.edu.au or call the College on 94592511.

Our students have written these brief introductory profiles for your consideration:

Hi, my name is Sammie M D. (MFTA) and I am currently in VCAL Year 11. I am a determined, friendly, enthusiastic, responsible and bright girl who is looking for a placement in a childcare centre or early learning environment. I love children and want to help them to develop their minds. I am currently completing a Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care to work towards this goal. I have always found that young children respond positively to me and in the future, I am considering early childhood education and primary or dance teaching. I am really looking forward to my VET/VCAL studies and gaining skills to work in this area.

Hi my name is Madison B. (MARO), and I am currently in Year 11 and participating in the VCAL course. I would call myself an outgoing person and someone who loves to talk and get to know new people. I am a passionate person who admires the art of beauty and has a purpose to grow whilst completing my Certificate III in Beauty Services. The reason why I have picked the VCAL program is because I feel that this will not only give me a better understanding of what I would like to do but it will allow me to really develop my skills and qualities to be successful in the beauty industry. I am a good communicator and a quick learner, particularly when it comes to beauty skills. I would love the opportunity to undertake a work placement at a beauty salon or spa to help with my studies while giving me a better understanding of how this sort of business runs day-to-day.

Hi my name is Penelope M. (LMGL), and I am in Year 12 at Our Lady of Mercy College. I am currently a VCAL student completing my Certificate III in Beauty Services where I will be learning about manicures/pedicures, waxing, bridal, camouflage and photography makeup, eyelash/brow services and tanning. I’m a kind and motivated person who loves to learn from talented and supportive people. Once I finish this course I would love to start a mobile kids pamper party business as I enjoy talking with people of all ages. I am passionate, have a great understanding of the beauty industry and know I will live up to what is expected of me when working in this workplace environment. I am looking for an opportunity to learn from a professional or team of professionals in the beauty business such as a salon or makeup studio, where I can apply what I know and what I’m learning as part of my training.

Hi, I am Bridie B. (MFTA), and I’m in Year 12 currently completing VCAL. I chose VCAL because I am a hands-on learner and I wanted to be able to develop my skills while learning from my own and others’ actions. I am completing a Certificate III in Community Services (Health and Leisure) which I would like to use to work in the sport and recreation industry. I think work placement will help me understand what the real world workplace is like, and help me prepare for life after school. I’m dedicated, willing to attempt any task asked of me, friendly and love talking to people and doing my best to help. I’m really hoping to use my planning and thinking skills in the workplace and I’m keen to see how other workers interact with customers to help me develop my own skills. I would love to find a work placement in the sport industry so I can put all the things I’m learning into practice.

Melinda Williams
Careers Coordinator