On Tuesday 4 April, 70 Grade 3 students from St Clement of Rome Primary School visited OLMC as part of their ‘Pack your bags’ multicultural inquiry unit. The Year 12 Senior VCAL students planned out a day's activities to showcase the way different cultures celebrate together, with a focus on Easter. They ran a range of activities for the students in rotating groups, with the support of the Year 11 VCE VM students. The children decorated Easter cookies, learnt Latin Dancing, participated in a Drama Workshop, and enjoyed some fun in the sun competing in a ‘mini-Olympics’.

The children had a fantastic day, they were so excited when they were leaving, saying how much fun they had, and have since written the VCAL/VM students beautiful cards of thanks. ‘Best day ever’ apparently! Their teachers commented that it was one of the best excursions they had been on, and that they'd never experienced one that was so well-planned.

Well done to the VCAL students! It was great to watch their skilful management of the day, their communication skills as they interacted with the little ones, and to see them demonstrate such leadership with their Year 11 teams. It was wonderful to have the VM students’ help, and great for them to work alongside the Year 12s, to see how an event such as this comes together, before they start planning their own events and projects later in their learning program.

Helen Hamblin
Senior Vocational Program Coordinator