Over 50 students from OLMC and Marcellin have been rockin’ out on the stage at the M2 Production of Rock of Ages. Opening night began with a bang and VIP guests were treated to some amazing food delights from the OLMC student catering team. Parents, families, friends and staff were entertained by the students’ amazing talents, which were on display throughout the night. The audience were taken on a journey back to the 80s as the band and vocalists sang and danced along. We also witnessed the comedic talents of our students; there was never a dull moment throughout the night!

A special thanks needs to go to the Marcellin staff who have expertly directed the show. It was especially great to see an OLMC Performing Arts past student, Isabella Gangi, leading the choreography.

The students have been rehearsing and working behind the scenes in earnest since the beginning of the year and we would like to congratulate you all on your success. A special mention should go to our Year 12 students who have managed to balance rehearsals, SACS, jobs and homework. Your dedication to the Performing Arts is admired and greatly appreciated by us all and we hope that your journey after Year 12 will continue to see you enjoy and be part of the world of musical theatre.

OLMC Students

Year 12
Mia B., Lauren B., Rose C., Isla C., McC., Charlotte C., Amelia D., Sachi F., Immogen H., Isabella K., Alessia K., Tiara L., Syeria L., Grace L., Lily L., Sammie M., Olivia P., Sara T. and Lily V.

Year 11
Natasha A., Caitlyn A., Monique C., Charlotte D., Lara F., Indra L., Ashlee M., Olivia S., Olivia S., Kristiana T. and Olivia V.

Year 10
Heidi C., Zara C., Elizabeth C., Jessica C., Marissa D., Alessia D., Chloe F., Rosie F., Magdalen G., Hannah H., Madelein K., Georgia L., Tabatha M., Grace N., Noemi P., Jasmine P., Anabelle R., Stephanie T., Ruby Y. and Tilly Z.

The 2023 M2 Rock of Ages Production was an unforgettable experience for the whole cast and crew. Everyone worked so hard to make this production come to life. The leads, ensemble and backstage crew were so talented and supportive to others. This production was like a second family to me because the cast, directors and producers brightened up my day when I was feeling down, anxious and unmotivated. When I was on the stage performing with my friends to the audience there was this chemistry that I’ve never felt before from previous performances. It's like we’re destined to perform together. Without this experience I would never have met this wonderful cast, crew and directors. Everyone deserves to feel accepted and that’s what this production is all about. Before that we were strangers to one another and our own group of friends and personal lives. Then when we got to know each other we all automatically clicked. I was nervous before performing onstage but people told me not to worry and just have fun. Their encouragement gave me confidence to perform with all my heart out and I’ve never felt so free in my entire life after Covid lockdowns. Auditioning and performing in the production has improved my personal development.

So many people loved and commented on how well our performances went. I’d thank the directors and producers Ms Bellis, Mr Liistro, Ms Mackellin, Mr Mackenzie, Isabella Gangi, Ms Maloney and Mr Blackman for making this production come true and encouraging all of us.

As a Year 12 student I am happy that my high school production days ended with a bang. For the Year 12s cast and crew whose high school productions are ending, you are so talented and have grown so much throughout this production journey. Through Rock of Ages, we have made our mark and we’re all going to long after we graduate from high school. I’ve never worked with such a talented, inclusive and caring cast and someday I hope we’ll reunite together and make more awesome memories.

Sammie M. (12MAMN)

Madalena Broadbent
Performing Arts Learning Leader