On Thursday 11 May, a group of talented and brave Year 7 and 8 guitar students travelled to St Pius X Primary School to perform at their annual Mother’s Day afternoon tea.

The girls played a range of pieces, with a special rendition of Happy Birthday to conclude the event for a special grandmother in attendance.

OLMC has a long-standing relationship with St Pius X Primary as our Year 10 students travel there every Tuesday afternoon for the Reading Club Program, run by St Vincent De Paul.

Student Reflections:
The Mother's Day Performance was a way to gain confidence for not only myself but everyone else that came as well. It was a way to show off all our hard work put towards not only learning guitar but putting in our best effort. St Pius was a very welcoming school with very friendly students, teachers and mothers.
Grace H. (8SLO)

I really liked going to St Pius to perform. It was great to see the smiles on everyone's faces, and to know that we helped make their Mother's Day afternoon even more special. It was also a good opportunity to practise.
Olivia J. (8BFA)

Thank you so much to all the girls who practised over many weeks and to their guitar teacher Mr Luke Streeter and Ms Jo-Anne Mileto for her support.

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator