On Thursday 9 November, eight Year 10 students and I attended the St Vincent De Paul Society School Conference, which was a day filled with inspiration, gratitude, support, and success. A number of students from local schools joined us, along with St Vinnie’s workers, to discuss our recent success in assisting those in need and how our Social Justice programmes benefit those around us. The day involved group discussions and activities about new ideas for 2024 and the upcoming Christmas season. We were able to share our creative ideas on how to improve someone's day by making a small difference as a group. Connecting with students from St Pius X Primary School and Loyola College, as well as St Vinnie’s workers, was a highlight for many.

It provided OLMC students with an insight into their perspectives on social justice, and why, as Catholics, we promote the dignity of all and giving back to the community. Overall, it was a great day to interact with St Vinnie’s workers and other school students and express our gratitude to the St Vincent De Paul Society.

Sophie S (10LSMI)