Exam Study Tips and Hints for Year 10s and 11s

As Senior students approach the upcoming exam period, we know that this can be a time when stress levels rise for both our young people and their families. Students can help to combat this by approaching the exam period in an organised way and working to effectively manage their time. During the last month, we have shared strategies around study skills in our Pastoral lessons, and students have been briefed during morning assemblies about what to expect from the exam period. There was also a study day this week for Year 10 and 11 students to narrow down their areas of strength and identify the gaps that still remain in their knowledge.

During the next few weeks, Pastoral Leaders and Senior House Coordinators will also be available to meet with students if they need extra support around managing and navigating the exam period. Please also see the resource below that includes some scientifically proven tips for students that will assist them in maximising their potential and achieving the results that they want.

We also wish our 2024 VCE VM students all the best for their work placement and orientation program during this time.

Hayley Gamble Curran
Loreto House Coordinator