On Monday 30 October, Year 7 to 10 Debating students participated in Junior and Intermediate House Debating for 2023.

Mercy debated against McAuley and Carmel debated against Loreto. The topic for Year 7 and 8 students was, ‘Parents should have access to their children’s social media accounts’, and the topic for Year 9 and 10 students was, ‘The Olympic Games are more trouble than they are worth.’

This year the adjudication was organised and led by our 2024 Year 12 student Leaders who did an incredible job acting as role models for the younger students, giving support and positive feedback.

After four very strong debates the winning Houses for the Junior and Intermediate year levels were Carmel and Mercy.

On Friday 3 November we then had the finals for House Debating and Sarah G 11LMGL, our 2023 Debating Captain, adjudicated the Junior debate, with the topic being, ‘All students should volunteer for community service’.

Mr Conlan and Nathasha J (11CRIV), our 2024 School Captain, adjudicated for the Intermediate students, with the topic being, ‘Australia should dramatically increase its refugee intake.’

All students were extremely strong with their arguments and their public speaking skills were outstanding.

Both debates were very close, however the final result was Mercy winning the Junior Trophy and Carmel winning the Intermediate trophy.

All students are to be congratulated for representing their House and a special congratulations to Eva D (7RTH) and Hannah H (10CTKI) for receiving Best Speaker.

Deborah Butterworth
Debating and Public Speaking Coordinator