Judith Weir

This is our final newsletter for the year. I would like to thank and commend all our staff, students and families for all that has been achieved this year. We returned hopeful that we would not enter a period of remote learning and our hope was not in vain. However, it was still a challenging year. We have all navigated the challenges of living with COVID and the interruptions that it has placed on our lives.

Despite everything that we have faced, this year has been a wonderful return to the community experiences of OLMC. We have welcomed parents, students and staff to celebrations throughout the year. Each celebration has been a chance to recognise success and forge new community connections.

As we reach the end of the school year, it is appropriate to reflect on the success of our students. Next Tuesday, we will hold our final assembly where we will acknowledge the students who have exhibited excellence in learning or through their engagement within or outside the College.

A number of special awards will also be presented. One of these is a Cantor Scholarship, which is awarded to up to five students who are chosen after auditioning at the end of Year 9. The successful Cantors then receive voice lessons through Year 10 and have the opportunity for solo and group performance over the year.

The Molan Scholarship is awarded to a student who has demonstrated endeavour in pursuing her studies and valuing her best, independence in her learning and extensive participation in community activities.

Each year a student is awarded the Mercy Award which has been donated by Mercy Education Limited (MEL) and is awarded in each MEL school. It recognizes a student who has shown her commitment to the values of Mercy.

Each of these scholarships/awards are based on criteria that reflect the qualities and behaviours that are valued at OLMC.

Year Book
The College Year Book: Duce Maria, was recently finalised and will be distributed to students next week. I would like to commend our publishing team, Ms Nicola Conroy, Jasmin Burns and Carla De Vuono for an exceptional publication. The theme this year is “Making our Mark”.

Staff Movement

This year a number of people are discontinuing their normal roles at OLMC after a long and distinguished career in education. Each person has contributed to the fabric of our community helping to build and nurture young people of courage, compassion, justice and joy. There are generations of OLMC students who speak about their amazing experiences both in class and in the many co-curricular activities on offer at OLMC because of the dedication of these people.

They have offered kindness, mentoring and leadership to all with whom they have worked. While we wish them well in the next part of their journey, we farewell them with some sadness but hope that they will remember that they will always be a part of the OLMC Community:

Cenza Basile has been a significant part of OLMC not only in her work in the Languages department but also in her leadership roles. She has also been the leader of very successful Aerobics Teams and overseas tours.

Kay Palmer has predominantly worked in our Design Art and Technology Team, specifically in Food Studies. Kay has also been a dedicated Pastoral Leader for many years.

Terri Pappas has been an integral member of the English team, a Pastoral Leader and contributed to many aspects of College life.

Rebecca Mahoney has been part of the Science team and in particular worked with students for many years in the area of Biology as well as being a Pastoral Leader.

Bernice Ryan has been a member of the English team and has been involved in English Language. Bernice has been a Pastoral Leader.

Geraldine Lewin has led the science team and been involved in teaching Maths and Science, in particular Year 11 and 12 Chemistry along with her Pastoral Leadership.

Di Casey has been a teacher in the Design Art and Technology, Humanities Teams and a Pastoral Leader. She has also been the Digital Technologies Coordinator for the past five years.

Anne Rogan has been a member of the Humanities, English and Pastoral Teams. She has led the Horizon Team and most recently been Pathways Coordinator.

Stephen Walpole has been a member of the Science team, a member of the Pastoral Team and a key part of the GSV Cricket squads. He has also been the School Organiser and Timetabler.

Loretta Costa has worked in our Languages department, in particular teaching Italian.

Short Term Staff
The following staff who worked with us this year will also be leaving us, even though they have only been with us a short time they have really become a part of our community. They have given a great deal to both students and staff and we wish them well:

  • Julie Fielde – Executive Assistant to the Principal
  • Caroline Bui- Member of the English Team

Staff on Leave in 2023

  • Susan Richardson
  • Mark Jenkinson
  • Anna De Rosa
  • Teresa Clarke-Balasz

New Staff
In 2023, we will welcome the following staff:

  • Jessica Battersby – English
  • Stephanie Cassino – Languages
  • Andrew Cho – Food Studies
  • Breanna Farrugia – Science
  • Maureen Fogarty – English
  • Anita Galli – Psychology/Languages
  • Douglas Wright – Digital Strategies Coordinator
  • Jemmah Ind – Humanities/Commerce
  • Trish Kirley – Science
  • Darcy McLean – Maths/Science
  • Joshua Adalin – Science
  • Henry Ralson- Media/English

In this season of Advent, we prepare for the birth of Jesus. This is a season of great joy, hope and celebration. We spend time with family, and share celebrations with our friends and colleagues. It is a celebration of the gift of life. Christmas can therefore become an occasion to welcome, as a personal gift, the message of hope that emanates from the mystery of the birth of Christ.

My hope for all OLMC families that this is a time of great joy where the gift of life and the nourishment for your heart enables you to find a place of encounter with God and each other. Merry Christmas.