Andrew Gibson
Curriculum Coordinator

I am often surprised at how quickly the school year ends, and this year is no exception. This week our Senior students started their Orientation program. It is the introduction to, and the commencement of, the subjects for 2023.

The holidays over summer are a break from formal school, but an important time for students to continue to learn – whether through set homework in VCE subjects, revision of prior learning, or reading of texts in preparation for the year ahead. Reading the English texts over the summer will place students well to engage in the analysis required during next year.

Student reports for Semester 2 will be available on SIMON and PAM by Friday 9 December. When they are available, you will receive a notification via email and an announcement will be placed on PAM. The email will also provide you with an outline of the various sections of the reports.

Thank you to the College community for the support you have provided over the course of this year to learning. Your support as we have navigated 2022 and its challenges is much appreciated.

I hope that you have a Merry Christmas and a joyous start to 2023.