On any day in the marvellous Frayne Building, there is a hive of activity where design thinking, collaboration and creativity rules.

We decided to take a snapshot of a typical Wednesday morning to see what is currently going on in our classrooms. It has really highlighted how diverse and talented our students are and how they feel safe to take creative risks. We can’t wait to see what they have created!

Studio 1
The Fashion Accessories students are putting the finishing touches on their hats. The brief this Semester was ‘Under the Sea’. There was such a huge variety of materials used, which all have different construction problems to overcome - great for problem solving!

Studio 2
Art students are developing skills in watercolour painting, learning to create unusual visual effects that they can apply to a representational painting of a bird. Students use techniques such as wet on wet, dry brush, blooming, masking and scumbling.

Studio 3
Horizon students under the expert guidance of art teacher Ms Maheshwari are decorating hamper trays with Christmas themed colours and imagery for the Exodus Community.

Studio 4
Media students are planning and rehearsing their collaborative end of semester ‘One take’ film production. This is a tradition for Year 9 students going back 14 years and is a highlight of the Year 9 media program.

Studio 6
Graphics students are studying the technical conventions of floor plans for buildings. The importance of developing empathy in designing buildings that are habitable, sustainable and pleasant is also a key consideration that should be at the forefront of all budding architects.

Kitchen 1
Food Studies students are baking Savoiardi biscuits. Reading the recipe sheet carefully, measuring ingredients and making sure the ovens are heated correctly is vital to a successful biscuit that is both soft and airy, vesty and perfect for dunking in a cup of coffee!

Mark Jenkinson
Design, Art and Technology Learning Leader