On Monday we celebrate the great feast of St Cecilia the patron saint of musicians, dancers, poets, artists and all creative people.

Shane Taylor
Head of Faith and Mission

We give thanks to God for her life; for all creative people in our world and in our history, who help us realise God’s grandeur in all creation; our God of Mercy, Justice, Compassion, Courage and Joy - present and active in our world.

Musicians, dancers, actors, poets, artists and all creative people – we give thanks!

Let us pray...

Creator God, we celebrate the feast of Saint Cecilia.
We thank you for dancers, musicians, painters, sculptors, poets,
Conductors, composers,
And all who enhance our lives through the arts.
Enriched by the sharing of their creativity,

May we come to know your creative energy alive within us and in our world.
Lift up our hearts to you, and we will sing your praises, now and forever.

St Cecilia, pray for and with us.
Catherine McAuley, pray for and with us.