Creative Writing at OLMC

The Learning Commons and English Learning Area work closely together throughout the year to provide students with a range of creative writing opportunities.

Each Thursday, students are invited to work with teachers and other students to hone their writing skills and workshop their writing.

Two exciting initiatives have occurred during the last two months. The first was that a group of students from Year 7 - 10 participated in the national competition “Write a Book in a Day” where students worked collectively to write an entire story in just one day following a range of criteria. Lucy K (7LSA) summarised her experience:

I found “Write a Book in a Day” very fun. I enjoyed writing a chapter with one of my friends and also creating the cover illustrations. I am happy I was able to collaborate with friends and people I knew through the creative writing club.

The staff involved were impressed with the way the students worked together to support and encourage one another to make their shared story the best it could be. You can read their final story “Hunt for the Golden Pineapple” here.

Scribbles, OLMC’s annual short story writing competition, was also held recently. The prompt this year was “tomorrow” and students were challenged to write a 500-word short story use the prompt in a positive way.

We wish to congratulate Chantel G (8ENA) for her winning entry this year which can be read here.

All students who are keen to further engage with creative writing are encouraged to get involved with the Creative Writing Club next year and to try one of the many competitions on offer.

Anna Apfelstedt
Learning Commons Coordinator