Horizon Program

As part of the Community Engagement Program the Year 9 Horizon Girls are working hard each Wednesday afternoon to connect with students at St Pius X Primary School in West Heidelberg.

OLMC has a strong connection to St Pius X through our Year 10’s participation in the weekly Reading Program (run through St Vincent de Paul) but this has been interrupted many times this year due to Remote Learning.

The Horizon girls, with a bit of help from Ms Rosemary Jones and Ms Brighid Kelly, have engaged in the following activities:
- Making videos and reading aloud their favourite picture book
- Writing letters to each and every Grade 2, 3 , 4 , 5 and 6 student at the school accompanied by Stationary Packs to foster their love of writing and craft and to encourage more letter writing.
- Designing and creating of Maths Activities using Lego, colourful shapes and fake money.
- Conducting Christmas baking tutorials

Year 7 Class Captains

The class captains for Year 7 this semester have started filming videos for the Grade 6 students at St Pius X. The girls will reflect on their experience of completing Grade 6 during the pandemic and will give some handy hints about starting Secondary School.

Lauren Marquet
Social Justice Coordinator