Performing in a Music Ensemble is a big commitment - there are rehearsals and lessons multiple times a week and performances throughout the year. Participating for one year is an achievement, but participating every year for six years is outstanding and displays a high level of commitment and passion and an enduring love of music.

We would like to congratulate and acknowledge the following Year 12 students who were members of one or more Music Ensemble for six years.

Amelie D. (AASE)Mandolin M. (MFKO)
Mietta D. (LJVAGemma P. (AGLE)
Alyssa F. (LKPA)Emily P. (CMSM)
Caitlyn F. (CRIV)Liana S. (LJVA)
Hayley G. (MARO)Isabella T. (AASE)
Madisyn H. (AGLE)
Jo-Anne Mileto
Instrumental Music Coordinator